Why We're The Best

The secret behind delivering the world's most succulent chicken is simple: ensuring 100% quality, 100% of the time. Chicken Stop owns and manages its network of poultry farms. This means that we have full control to ensure our chickens are hatched and reared using the most hygienic methods, at every step of the process.

We employ the strictest and most advanced biosecurity measures, and use only the finest quality feeds prepared in our own feed mills. Commercial birds are hatched from eggs at our very own hatcheries. The hatcheries themselves are stocked with eggs from parent birds that we've carefully grown and nourished.

What's more, the Chicken Stop's delivery system supplies our in-house processing plant, where the birds are Halaal-cut and chilled under the most stringent standards of health and hygiene. This freshly chilled chicken is then packed into ice boxes, and transported daily to our spotlessly clean retail outlets.

All of this guarantees that whenever you take home any Chicken Stop whole chicken or chicken portion, it's always the freshest, most succulent chicken you can get.

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