Chicken Stop India Pvt. Ltd is backed by a family-run business, with over 40 years of experience in the poultry industry. Inspired by Mr. Arjun Kewalramani, the company is founded and headed by Managing Director Lalit Kewalramani.

In addition to the extensive experience and expertise of our management, our company is supported by our own hatcheries, processing plants, water treatment and ice plants, as well as feed mills. This attribute uniquely positions us to offer the very best of poultry products to the Indian market.

We are committed to empowering India by enriching the lives of customers, partners, and employees alike. Our strategy to achieve this involves two key elements. The first is to provide the nation the best nutrition through the finest poultry products. The second is to offer rewarding career and business opportunities to employees and partners, respectively.

Towards this end, the company's goal is to expand its network of franchises and retail outlets to over 1,000 stores across the country.


Our behind-the-scenes story plays a huge role in enabling us to offer the very best of poultry products to the Indian market. The solid position our company enjoys is thanks to our infrastructure that covers every aspect of poultry production. From processing plants and hatcheries, to farms and feed mills, our foundation is comprehensive.


HatcheriesHatcheries delivering the freshest, most succulent chicken to our retail outlets or customers' doorsteps, involves quite a lot of background work indeed. At Chicken Stop India Pvt. Ltd, this process begins at our hatcheries. The most carefully scrutinized and selected specimens of the reputed Vencobb breed of parent birds supply our hatcheries.

The hatcheries are equipped with the most modern and sophisticated incubators. Chicks hatched from our hatcheries are then raised on our network of farms, which are amongst the most well-established in the country. Our Chiktiruprati Farm, for instance, has been operating successfully since the 1960s.


HatcheriesHatcheries our farms maintain the highest standards of Biosecurity to protect livestock from disease and infection. In addition to stringent control of access to our facilities, we employ the latest decontamination methods such as disinfectant baths, sprays, and sterile gear for all personnel and visitors.

To nourish the birds on our farms, we use only the finest quality natural feed. The feed is sourced from our own mash feed mills, which have a production capacity of 500 metric tons per day. The mills are supported by our water treatment plants, which also back our ice manufacturing plant that facilitates storage and transportation of chilled chicken.

Processing Plant:

HatcheriesChicken Stop India Pvt. Ltd uses its own state-of-the-art processing plant where its chicken are Halaal-cut, dressed, and chilled under the most hygienic and clean conditions. Our modern screw-chiller ensures that each processed bird is chilled rapidly, reaching temperatures of 0 to 4°C in just around one hour.

This process eliminates almost all bacteria. The rapid chilling also allows much better microbiological quality of the meat, as opposed to other methods that take much longer to chill. What's more, our advanced water-based screw-chiller is eco-friendly since it drastically reduces electricity and water consumption.

Quality Control:

HatcheriesA team of highly trained and qualified veterinarians, poultry experts, and quality inspectors, ensure that the same impeccable standards are always maintained uniformly across our production, transportation, and retail networks. A well-planned and laid out set of standard operating procedures as well as frequent quality control audits allow us to deliver the finest and freshest chicken to the Indian market.


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